Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Want to spend Valentines Day with the Bikeskirt Ladies??

Hey kids,
Want to register early for the Valentines Heartbrakes Prom alleycat and save the hassle of late registation? Shoot an email to info{at}bicicoop{dot}com and we will get you all signed up. Details to come, but trust us...you want in. Alan has been working his ass off to get some SICK prizes.

We also need volunteers. What better way to spend your Valentines Day than hanging out with a bunch of awesome folks, listening to good music and helping get the Bici Co-op started? Let us know if you can volunteer by sending us an email or commenting here. we need you!

Remember, this is a team event. Sign up with your Prom 'date'. No date, no problem...there will be a stag category where we will set you up.

Two words: Prom Pictures.

Have I told you about The Bici coop? If not, check it out by clicking the sweet logo to the left. Tell 'em I sent you (oh wait...they are me...and the Brocycler).

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