Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day Two: commuting sucks

I was so looking forward to my commute today. It was supposed to be sunny and COLD (windchill of 12) and I was ready...or so I thought. Packed my lunch, decided to try out my X-Lg messenger bag, put Vaseline on my face to combat windburn and my new wool socks. I was anticipating a cold, but easy ride in the sunshine.

What I got instead was a fall (jeans seam caught in chain ring), a flat (damn glass on the road) and a REALLY cold walk the rest of the way. I arrived cold and dejected. and pretty pissy.

Of course, the reponse was "Are you CRAZY?!" and "It is too cold, that will teach you!". Yes, a flat tire and a small spill is definitely a lesson I learned from riding in the cold. Oh wait...all of that could have happened in 65 degree weather and the cold wasn't cold until I had to walk.

Maybe I am still a bit on the pissy side! On the bright side, I get to try my hand and changing my tube, something I learned to do months ago but have not had to do. It is on the rear wheel (back with the scary derailleur) so this could be interesting...

do I regret my ride? maybe. Will I be out on the road again tomorrow? YES.


  1. You were unlucky... Wont happen again! :)

  2. That is a tough ride and not to be all silver lining on you but... Imagine the same scenario but with a car.
    An accident, plus a flat and all that.
    Hang in there

  3. One tip on the rear tire change is to get the chain onto the smallest gear before you take off the tire. Helps when putting it back on. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I changed the flat and am feeling pretty proud! I am hopeful that this is an anomaly.

  5. Do you have pantclips? I used to get pants ruined and caught and greasy, but those ugly little velcro things are my staple for riding to work now:)

  6. Johnny-I do have pant clips, but hate them (they are too big), so I had my pants rolled up old school style. It was windy and I guess they came a bit unrolled when i wasn't paying attention. The seam got caught and BAM I went down! It was (almost) comical.

  7. One time I didn't roll my pants quite high enough. On my fixed gear bike, which doesn't stop pedaling just because you want it to. Result. Pant caught by chainring, then wound around the crank two or three times and completely ripping my pant leg all the way to the waist. My leg was then tied to the crank and I had to scoot the bike backwards to get myself unstuck.

    I wrapped the pant leg around my hips like a miniskirt to get going again without getting arrested for exposing myself.

  8. Sorry to hear about your crappy commute! I remember my first flat - it sucked, especially all the walking. I've also had my yoga pants eaten by my chain on my old bike. Definitely not fun, but at least I was not taken down. I'm happy to hear that you were not harmed. That's a lot to happen in one day, but I love your attitude about getting out there again tomorrow!

    - Dottie

  9. Hairties. I swear by them. Just don't forget to remove them from around your ankles when you go in for a coffee, or the trendy baristas will think you're trying to be the next MC Hammer.

    Glad you're still up for a ride tomorrow!



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