Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No good

I am obviously a less dedicated blogger than Elisa. Strike 1.
I did not jump on the bike to work 3 days this week challenge. Strike 2.

What will my next strike be? Will I be kicked out of the cool club?? Will I hate myself forever more???

Now, to further wallow in my own self-hate, I will list all the excuses I used today for not riding to work:
1. too cold
2. too tired
3. takes too much time (1 hr vs. 15 minutes)
4. too much effort

At least I'm still riding to school, but since it's only about a mile and a half one way on a flat stretch of road, that's not saying too much.

And I'm not even going to Bike!Bike!. How much lower can I go?


  1. No way you are gonna give up now... people all over the world are following your "adventure" on two wheels ;)

  2. I can't do BikeSkirt alone! You are awesome!!! Don't leave me.


  3. I miss Alex from Hank and Me.
    What have you named your bike and don't let US lose another one.

  4. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to stop blogging after being featured in the paper. :) You just need a fun, no-pressure ride to get back in the spirit...

  5. I love my bike, but yeah, it comes and goes. Some days I just want to get there--wherever that is--as fast as I can. Bad bike moods pass, fortunately!

  6. Every three months or so I feel like throwing my bike in the river... I never do, normally I change something on my bike (or change bikes) or use a different route to commute. Sometimes you just need to change something a little.

  7. Hey - thanks for commenting on my Bicycling to Work blog! :) Nice to meet a fellow bike commuter (even if it's only online!). :) Looks like your commute to work is the same length as mine (1 hr. & 15 min.) Yea, sometimes you have "blah" kind of days on a bike...and it seems kinda like drudgery. But as one of the commenters above pointed out, the mood will pass, and you will once again appreciate the BIKE. :) Your bike loves you - so don't break up with it. :) ha. :) Charmaine


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