Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bike! bike!...and new skirts

Sitting in a friend's apartment in ATL, exhausted after a day of riding the mean streets. Not too much to report so far, except that we got a little lost and ended up taking the 'scenic route' from Sopo back to John's.

I bought some skirts and 2 dresses from AA.

You know what...I am WAY to tired to make any sense on this blog tonight. Will report more tomorrow. also check (follow the link at the side) for a Bike!Bike! post.

I will say that I think I made up for my sick day of no riding by riding tonight. a LOT of riding.

-later dudes


  1. Sounds like fun! Atlanta's so car-dominated, I'm interested in whether it has any bike lanes or other facilities. You'd think the city would support cycling to cut down on the terrible congestion.


  2. I bet the skirts are adorable, can't wait to see more photos of both of you. Inspire everyone, I'm sure!

  3. I love to wear cool printed skirts and maxi dresses in summer time...


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