Monday, January 19, 2009

Day One

UPDATE: It is now snowing outside. If it continues for the next 45 min, I will have my first ride in snow. With no proper rain/snow gear...and in a skirt!

ok-back to our regularly scheduled post:

Today was day one of the Pact to ride at least 3 days this week. Luckily for me, the roads were pretty empty, with most of the world having today off. Not I. It was a lovely ride, albeit a bit on the warm side (45 degrees). I spent a lot of time this weekend on Mick Jagger (my bike, who I plan to introduce you to later this week), and my legs were more tired than I expected. The ride was lovely despite all of this.

Last night I was getting ready to head to church and I had an internal struggle about how to get there. It is literally 7-10 blocks away and I normally ride, rain or shine. Yesterday, however, I was exhausted and feeling pretty crappy. I stood in my apartment, debating about what to do. Standing there I realized that I am never going to make strides in becoming car free if I continue to freely give myself the choice to drive. So, I grabbed my gloves and hauled Mick down the stairs.

Once I arrived I was so glad that I had ridden. The switch from a driver to a car-lite rider is not going to be easy, but I am determined. And last night was one tiny victory in the battle I wage with myself.

On a side note, my outfit for today is: pink tights, black knee socks, black boots, black skirt. Pink thermal shirt, grey sweater. I wore gloves, helmet (yuck) and a scarf. Was toasty the whole way.

Will report in tomorrow. Enjoy your ride.


  1. Your outfit sounds fabulous! I love pink and grey together.

    I rode today, too. We're doing so good. :) Every little baby step counts and then, before you know it, you almost never drive your car.

    - Dottie

  2. A fender helps a *lot* for rain and snow. Keeps the muck off of you and your bike.

  3. Hi - good for you to try and be car-lite or car-free! :) I gave up my car a year ago and it's been going pretty well I think! :) Check out my blog I keep regarding Living Car-Free:
    I update it monthly - - will need to do that soon, as January is just about up! I think it's neat/funny that you named your bike Mick Jagger! Ha! :) You and Mick are quite the couple! :) ha. I admire you that you bike in "regular" clothes vs. bike clothes. Reminds me of people in Amsterdam, etc. :)

    Keep on biking!!



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