Thursday, January 15, 2009

Excuses, excuses

I was readying myself to write a post about the excuses we tell ourselves to get out of riding, and then I read Ms. dotties post over on Let's Go Ride A Bike on exactly the same thing!

(I have to made me feel better!)

This week I have been on the news and in the newspaper for my bike commute...and I haven't ridden at all! eek. I lost my gloves the day that the newspaper came out and borrowed a pair for a day or two. Unfortunately I had to return those and haven't gone out to by anymore (those things are not cheap!). I have plenty of knit gloves at home, but seem convinced I will die of hypothermia if I attempt to ride in them. this. is. ridiculous. I realized that when a) Anna rode with knit gloves and b) I could easily later my knit gloves.

some of my other excuses: I have to go straight to a fancy dinner after work. I will probably need to work late. It is only supposed to be 15 degrees. I am stopping by a friend's house after work, blah, blah, blah. You get the picture.

I joined Triathablog in order to form a habit. That was much easier when the highs were in the 40's, not the 20's. It was also easier when I had people keeping up with me and a little competition to push me. Tonight we have a hard freeze warning and a windchill danger warning, but I am riding to a bici planning meeting. I hope to ride tomorrow too.

I told the Let's go ride a bike ladies that we should make a pact to ride at least 3 days next week. I am vowing to do that. Trish said she is in. Which means that I have to ride everyday until Thursday as I am headed to Bike!bike! Thursday (which will be a lot of riding!).

Want to join our pact? It is a small step toward making a lasting habit and telling my excuses to shove it. Everytime I pass Mick (the bike) in the hallway, I can barely look at him out of guilt and shame of his abandonment. I imagine him everyday, looking out the window and crying a little. sniffle, sniffle.

on a completely different note, I saw this on Copenhagen Cycling Chic and freaked out! Now that is some riding style.

The cape, the boots, the bike, the lack of a style sucking is almost too much. almost


  1. Very cool idea for a blog! I will link you!

  2. Thanks for the mention :) I am so in the 3-day pact! It's funny, I was quoted in an article this week about winter bike commuters and I, too, have not ridden to work this week at all. What a fraud! I'm riding tomorrow, no matter what. Currently, it's -11 degrees, but the high tomorrow is 5 degrees (um, but with windchill of -30) - a heat wave, really.

    - Dottie

  3. Oh, also, I agree about the Copenhagen Cycle Chic picture! No matter what I wear, I become instant-nerd as soon as I put on my helmet and safety glasses (for the snow and cold).

  4. I had the same reaction to that photo. And just look at those bike lanes! To die for...

  5. Seriously! It's the bike lanes more than anything else that I'm currently drooling over.

  6. The Adrian Spokesman has joined the three-day pact, and has invited his readers (both of them) to do so as well.

  7. Elisa, have you seen the big post they did on your blog on cyclicious? Congrats!

    I'm drooling over that photo too. The cape! The boots! Dot and I are going to do a post one day on the style-sucking helmet, and why we continue to wear one.

    Next week we'll all live up to our reputations!


  8. Trisha,
    I did see it. WOW. It has been quite a week over here at Bikeskirt! I am currently trying to get a friend to help me figure out a pattern for a cycling cape and then am going to get to work on cute reflective materials so we can ride in style AND safety! The helmet and I have a love hate relationship...I admit that I go without one at times...but never on a commute. Just around town.

  9. Gosh, and I simply resign myself to being so off the charts into dorkdom that it comes back around and people assume it's a version of "style." letsgoride's excuse was 17 below zero temps... what did you say yours was? :P

    Take lots of notes at BikeBike! Blog expressively! I can't go...

  10. Hello!
    Is it that unusual to bike? Here in Gothenburg Sweden it is wherry common to bike all year around, even in -15 Celsius and 20cm snow.
    Ceap up the good work!


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