Friday, January 16, 2009

Local Shout Out

This isn't bike related, but here at Bikeskirt, we do not discriminate (much). A friend and supporter of ours, Carla Jean has a new music blog, that I thought I would share with you.

A bit of background: I have about 4-5 people with whom I am constantly talking about music. CJ is one of them. She and I bonded over lyrics to a song that described boys and breakups that we felt were written just for us (no, I am not telling which one). We email back and forth daily about playlists, songs, lyrics and bands that we are discovering.

ANYWAY, check out her new blog Birmingham Box Set. Chock full of interviews, lists, reviews and fun music information.

And tell her that she needs to come to the Valentines Day event! :)

In other local news, come out to support our Brocycle brothers Sonday Knight Sprints this Sunday. The Bikeskirt girls will be there cheering them on (maybe Anna will compete!)


  1. Thanks Elisa! You know I'm intrigued by this Valentine's event ...!

  2. c.j. needs a bike.
    she already has plenty skirts.

  3. Sounds like Jacob wants to buy me a bike ...!

  4. jacob's bike-buying budget is already pretty well committed for FY09, but he has some shop sponsors that could get the CJ rollin'. i'm picturing some sort of b'ham magazine get-to-know-and-love-your-LBS perspective piece from a girl(girls) in a skirt.


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