Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let me introduce you to my little friend...

I rode my pal "geot" (pronounced like joe but with a g, duh) today, which is my new fixie (thanks Jarrod & Stacy!).  I haven't ridden it in Birmingham during regular traffic times yet, and it was a little bit frightening.  But not too frightening.  And kind of exhilarating.
Frightening in the sense that I gave squinty-eyed stares to every passing car, and said "Listen. I have even less control over myself, so if you pull out in front of me there is a good chance that we will collide, and I very seriously doubt that you will get the image of me splattered on the road out of your head any time soon, so just slow on down there buddy". Exhilarating in the sense of "Yes. I am a badass."

I also wore a skirt that was short enough so that, when I dismounted, I flashed a few passerbys. That was also a little exhilarating. For posterity's sake, I will also note that I wore a coat, hat, gloves, and leg warmers.  It was chilly folks!


  1. http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/subjects/c/commuting/bicycle/index.html?scp=4&sq=bicycle%20commute&st=cse

  2. wow, i couldn't even ride today. way too cold.

  3. The exhilarating feeling of "Yes, I am a badass," when I so clearly am not in regular life, is the most addictive thing about cycling in traffic. :)


  4. Really glad you're getting some good use out of her. Nice cages btw...

  5. Love the fact that you named your new bike, your overall attitude about the ride and your outfit. I love your attitude about flashing the passerbys - imagine when summer rolls around and you'll be sporting a short skirt and no tights - those will be the lucky passerbys.

  6. Very nice Chucks:)
    We ride with them constantly in Baltimore:)


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