Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guest Post (or how I begged to post this)

Got an email from my friend Jacob today. Jacob, btw races bikes and is pretty much a total badass. I loved this email so much I asked if I could share it.

"fond memory: for a brief, shining moment, the kids4jesus (or whatever we were) group used to go on bike rides instead of sitting in 'big church' at night. it was like being let out of prison and getting sent straight to disney world. we would have like a 5 minute lesson about burning in hell or whatever, then go bombing down lucy finn avenue, through grove park to the dairy queen. my dad would give me $1.50 before church and i would buy a green or red slushee. we would sit on the benches beside dq and drink our slushees and i would flirt with amy southern and derek mitchell and i would jump over piles of dirt, and race. i always won.

that may have been the happiest i've ever been.


I mean, does it get any better than that? Nope, it doesn't.

Happiness IS a warm bike day.

Thanks Jake. Our condolences go out to you regarding the loss of Killer Bee, your 2 wheeled steed tragically lost in a race accident this weekend. he will be missed.

Sometimes we fall

I had my first official and gnarly fall last night.  I was riding my fixed gear, puggles, and the chain decided to pop off, thus immediately incapacitating my bike from any sort of movement, and rocketing me into the ground.  The whole right side of my body is suffering from some serious road rash; unfortunately I wasn't wearing that much clothing, and the clothing that I was wearing was kindly ripped away once I hit the ground and skidded on my face a few inches, so little skin was protected. There is also a massive hole on my leg with some muscle and ligaments peeking through (photo to the left is me having a teeny break down after seeing how nasty the hole was; no one likes having that sort of thing cleaned out). 


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haiku Wednesday

it is already

hot as hell. totally drenched

in sweat. disgusting

Friday, April 24, 2009

May Day!

From Bici

that's right kids. anna, elisa, and i have been working round the clock on getting the shop ready for our may 1st grand opening. special thanks to terry jacks at non stop art, the guys at cahaba cycles, banjo brothers, DTMT, and our good friends at primavera coffee roasters. Also thanks to all the folks who came in to help us finish build out.

the race format is a relay. each racer will circle a highland ave loop (starting and ending at the bici shop). we will probably have heats of three teams, timing each teams' time and the team with the best time wins. pretty simple. we will have some music inside the shop, as well as giving tours, taking donations, and sipping on brewskies. that being said this event is BYOB for those that are of age.

if you have any old bikes, tools, storage shelves, or money you don't really want we promise we will put them to use so bring 'em down.

** get your asses down here and support Bike Skirt and Bici!!**

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Music City

Hey there! This weekend I am taking a girls trip with my sister to Nashville (yes, to see Dave Matthews...I am not ashamed!).

Was thinking I may try to stop into some cool bike shops and/or Co-ops. Want to check out some other Dirty South shops and meet some cool folks. I am staying near Vandy and don't really want to trek all over the place. comment or email me at

Thanks internets.

Bike Love!

What I really want to know is...

My car is on the fritz (i.e. not running) so I'm the newest member of the "people doing life car free" club. I'm not so extreme because I have a scooter, but since it runs at a max of 37 mph and has no storage, it's not much different from a bike and doesn't get me anywhere that I'd like to or need to go otherwise.

So what I really want to know is, how am I supposed to go get a needed toilet seat from a place that is very difficult to get to and how could I tote that awkward purchase back home with me? How do you buy enough groceries to last you more than one day? What do you do when you need new underwear? Do you just buy everything online?

I feel like some people look down on us because we have cars but, honestly, I don't know how to do life in this city without one. Truly, there are no shops that carry underwear anywhere close to where Elisa and I live.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's oh so quiet..shhh shhh

I apologize for the recent silence here on Bike Skirt, but we ladies have been working like mad rabid animals on getting Bici - our non-profit bike shop/cooperative - up and running.  We spread the word about Bici at a event aimed at combatting childhood obesity on Saturday at Jones Valley Urban Farm, an awesome group we're working with.  Otherwise we have been wielding hammers and such while trying not to get electrocuted over at our new space.  It's looking great!

The shop's grand opening is May 1, and we are having a relay race to mark the momentous occasion. You all should come on over and join the fun!  I think it's going to end up being a lot like this...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some New Trend is more than just an awesome book!

Well, it seems that we have a new trend in Birmingham...discounts for riding your bike to events! Tonight is the Peace Summit, and I just received word that the Kick off Party for Some New Trend is also giving $1 off the door for anyone riding to the event. What a great way to get people to your event and reward them for being awesome!

Maybe folks are realizing that cyclists rule...

So, ride to Urban Standard tomorrow night and get your laptop signed by Kevin and Carrie. Hear some awesome music by April Cover and dtmt (ask them what that is awesome).

Maybe more venues and events will jump on this pro-riding bandwagon. If not, we are sure appreciative to those who did!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

100 miles baby!

I just looked at my new bike computer and I have officially hit 100 miles... in less than a week! Sure I had a 70 mile ride in one day, but I still think 100 miles in a week is not too shabby.

Wonder how many I can get in a month? This is going to be fun!

Bikes + dancing + Peace = good times

If you are in Birmingham Friday night...come out and dance, dance, dance!! They are offering $1 off the door price for folks rolling up on 2 wheels. Let's max out the bike rack and fill the lot with 2 wheeled steeds.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The belly rules the mind

Elisa and I aren't food snobs exactly, but we both praise Michael Pollan as a demi-god and love to garden.
So when we contemplated what to eat on our ride, I knew that it had to be done right. Yes we had cliff bars, and PB&Js were brought along for last ditch energy food, but I decided that the only way this would be a satisfactory ride was if I jumped in the kitchen and cranked us out some delicious nosh.
I was worred about eating things that would make us feel sick, that were too heavy, or downright disgusting. After scouraging the internet, I decided to go my own way, and I think we were all pretty pleased with the results. I was so pleased with our meal that I decided to share it with you all.
1. Pita sandwiches with homemade hummus, red bell pepper, cucumber, and carrot
2. Pasta salad with red onion, yellow bell pepper, pine nuts, and balsalmic vinegrette
3. Mollases cookies
4. Various Fruits

It was amazing and pretty perfect for a ride - protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals, ginger for tummies, roughage, so good!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chief Ladiga

We totally rocked the Chief Ladiga trail yesterday. Here's some photos for you all!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bike + Rain = Wet

It was raining when I stepped out of my front door with my helmet securely fastened and bike in hand. I cursed and went back inside to remove said safety apparatus and grab my car keys. Now it's beautiful outside and I, once again, am cursing myself for being so weak.

How does one convince themself that riding their bike in the rain to work is a good idea?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just wanted to give a shout out to all who might be visiting after reading the article in the Birmingham Weekly.  Hope you enjoy your stay and come back often!  Thanks a billion to Carrie Rollwagen, you rock our world with your mad writing skills.  You can check her and our pal Kevin out at Some New Trend

Also, please take a second to visit the Bici website, a non-profit bike cooperative founded by Alan Barton and ourselves.  The goal of Bici is to increase access, provide education, and be an advocate for biking in the city.  Opening May 1 in the Highland Park area!

FYI to our regulars, BikeSkirt was featured in this week's issue of the Birmingham Weekly, a free paper distributed around the 'ham. As of tonight the article wasn't posted on their site yet, but should be up soon at

Bike love!

p.s. photo taken by T. Scott!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We have a winner!

On another note, I think it's time to declare the calf-girth competition winner:

SADHITA! Way to go!  17"!

It was a tight race, and thanks to all who participated.  I hope you enjoyed measuring your calves! The highlight of this competition for me was measuring calves at my birthday party.  My brother also has 17", but he doesn't count.

So you may be asking yourselves, "what has Sadhita won?" Well, here it is!!

"Bend Sinister" by Vladimir Nabokov (this copy published in 1964), a "Some New Trend" sticker, and a "This is Public Health" sticker, because, baby, you are public health!

Sadhita, to claim your prize, please email your name and address to (I sure hope you don't live somewhere really far away!)


Health Action Summit and Wednesday Haiku

As Elisa mentioned, she and I met a Pepper Place last night to attend the reception for a Health Action Summit on Improving Quality of Life. The speaker for the night was Dan Burden, of Walkable Communities. We thought it would be nice to share with you all some thoughts from the evening, so I've decided to give you all my notes. Scattered and nonsensical, but entertaining enough!

The pace of America is changing exponentially: time to build smart roads and smart transportation
Birmingham has great buildings, great block form, great street form - best he's seen (really??)
The first step is great LEADERSHIP (raise your hand if you hate LaLa)!!
Places to visit: Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Carmel
Up and coming city: Charlotte
"Bump into-iveness"
"reclaimed streets"
Trees, plants, ground cover - build an enclosure
Back up parking
Colorized bike lanes
22 benefits of bike lanes - only two of which are for cyclists
Cahaba road = eco-street

It was a great talk overall and really gave us hope that Birmingham is on the cusp of something great. But since I'm a pessimist, I tended to dwell on the negative things, like him spending half his time talking about parking and how it's great for business. Important things, yes, but it sucks that one of the only ways to convince people to change is to talk about the money. "It's beautiful, yes, but what's really important is that it's great for business!" And the first question after he was done talking: "who's funding this?" Sigh.


He said some really great things, and there were some pretty important people there, so lets keep our heads up, eyes forward, and hopes alive Birminghamians!

And on that note, I shall now produce the newest Wednesday Haiku:

Walk, bike, run, jump, sing
Take us to that magic place
Birmingham! Do it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


not all of these are worth their own post (or maybe I am too tired and lazy to do it), but some things I have been thinking

*I do my best thinking from my bike saddle. Seriously
*I got to wear my winter cycling clothes again today and was glad...I love my Castelli jersey!
*I slipped off of my seat, due to a slippery skirt, then the bike came up behind me and hit me. Left a huge ugly bruise on my ass. I totally got my butt kicked by a bike. a bike!
*I got my bonus check today and DIDN'T buy a new bike. Paid off some debt instead.
*I may have to start editing my posts more carefully if the inappropriate comments and emails continue. Sad but true. Hey Creepy Creepersons...quit being so creepy! I have already taken my email off of my profile due to emails. Please, let's keep it safe here. I don't want to have to worry.
*New word-bumpintoitiveness: what cities and communities are lacking and what makes them liveable. The ability to bump into your neighbors and really live in community. I learned it when Anna and I attended a reception and talk by Dan Burden of It was really inspiring!
*Check out Birmingham Magazine this month if you can. Bici is profiled on the Extra's page (no internet link)
*I heart my online community!

Monday, April 6, 2009

All girls Easter Ride

This Sunday Anna, our friend Jennifer and I are riding the Chief Ladiga trail. It is a Rails to Trails project that runs from Anniston, Al to the Georgia State Line. 33 miles in, 33 miles back. It connects to the Silver Comet Trail, forming the longest paved trail in America (over 100 miles) which leads into Atlanta. I hope to ride the entire 100 mile ride in the fall. The Brocycle guys did it late last year (a rainy gross day, but they persevered)

We are all very excited and very nervous. It will be the first long distance ride for any of us. The weather looks good and we are pumped. Any advice for first time distance riders? The terrain looks pretty easy, although it seems to have a slight ascent on the way in.

It seems we will need some snacks, so I plan to bring Mick's pretty, pretty pink crate, although it will add some weight. Also planning to rig up a handlebar bag for one of us to carry tubes, pump, tire levers, multi tool. Too bad none of us have racks (well, I do but it is not pannier appropriate...attached to the seat post only).

If any other women want to join us, please comment here. The more the merrier.

oh, Anna and I will be riding this again May 17 (correction from what was previously posted) with Trisha from Let's Go Ride a Bike. So if you can't make it this weekend, you have another chance.

Wish us luck! Come and ride along! pray we don't get too many flats or die of starvation on the trail...

Some New Trend

I love to read. I also happen to have some crazy talented friends. Said friends are writing a book, Some New Trend, and posting it online chapter by chapter.

Carrie and I were the masterminds behind 2 previous blog projects (one of which spawned Bike Skirt), Cheap Women and Triathablog, both of which were smashing successes! Kevin is awesomely awesome and also has a super hip blog, Weekly Fizz.

I debated about what to say here about Some New Trend, and I decided that I would just say this:

The book will be good. Both Kevin and Carrie are great writers and have been working really hard. They are also hella cool people who are funny, irreverant, hip, insightful and creative. You should read it. OR you can listen to the podcast (how hip are they?!)

Why post a book on the internet?
As many publishers scramble to find a way to present books (and magazines and newspapers) to readers in a digital format, we wondered—what would it be like to publish a book on the internet?

We like the idea of publishing as we go, getting feedback from readers along the way via comments and emails. Serialized fiction is nothing new—Dickens seemed to like it—but it seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years. We’re bringing it back!
From the website's FAQ

Go now and check it out. You won't regret it.

why are you still here? GO!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bike Lust

I have been wanting to get a new bike. I was planning on getting an older bike and converting it to a single speed, which I probably will still do. However, I have been spending WAY too much time in my Local Bike Shop and am lusting after 2 bikes. One is in stock, and it is taking everything in my power not to race out to buy it today.

The other is one that is not even on the market yet, but will be in September (I think...). Plenty enough time to save up!

I could tell you all the specs on these bikes, but instead will just show the photos. Aren't they awesome??

Masi Speciale Fixed

Trek District (available Summer 2009)

The Trek District intrigues me because of a new Belt Drive Technology. When the guys at the shop told me about it, I was won over.

The belt drive is a carbon fiber composite belt reinforced to prevent stretch. The worry-free, lube-rejecting, lighter-than-any-chain-you’ve-ever-owned belt also produces a ninja-like quiet ride.

I love the simple lines and good looks of these bikes. I have officially started a Buy a New Bike Fund. New shoes be damned, Mama needs a new ride!

The guys at the Bike Shop REALLY shouldn't have given me a copy of the 2009 catalogs for Trek, Independant Fabrications (my favorite!) and Elektra. I can't stop looking at them and have had to wipe the drool up off the pages. Total Bike Porn.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Anna's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Anna! 25 is so the new 21.

Anna-you are awesome and I am so glad we are bike skirtin' around together these days! You make biking look good.

bike and birthday love

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First ever bike skirt competition?

So have you ever looked at the missed connections on craigslist?  If you haven't, then you should do after you finish reading this post.

David and I were looking at the women for men missed connections and there was this one titled "Rebel who stole fake sandwich at Subway".  Who could pass that up?  I'll give you the whole post, because it's just too good to paraphrase.

"Yesterday I saw you run in and take the artificial Subway sandwich off the counter and run out with it right before my eyes. I love a boy who's not afraid to take what he wants. I'm from Mountain Brook and I play vollyball for UAB. My calves are 11" around. My dad would never let me bring a guy like you home, so let's meet somewhere else. Somewhere quiet. Write me."

I was like "whaaaa???"  11" calves?!  Who says that?  Is that sexy?  Is there some sort of rule about what constitutes good sized calves? The bigger the better?

Anyway, I decided to measure mine - 14" baby!!!  Now, I challenge each and every one of you, dear readers, to go and measure your own calves and report back to me the number of inches you claim.  I'm thinking the biggest calves wins...something...from my house...that's going to be really awesome.
Like a book (I have a lot of those).
Or a sticker.
Or an autographed picture of Elisa.


This is what every morning is like for me...sort of

Thanks to Bike Commuters for this wonderful video.