Tuesday, January 27, 2009

But it felt so right

Here's what I wore to ride today (new skirt!).  The weather was amazing!  I ended up riding sans tights later because it was so warm, and it was strange to think that I was bare legged in the middle of January.  But that's how we play here in the south folks.
Also, this is my other bike, a LeMond Tourmalet.

A final note: I didn't get asked to my prom either.  Damn you high school.


  1. You look great - I love the outfit!! I covet your skirt and your warm weather.


  2. Wow, great. It looks like a gorgeous afternoon in the fall. I like cycling with skirts in the winter too, but I never had the luck to be able to do that without tights. I'm already happy if I don't have to wear gloves ;-).
    Greetings from Austria, Anna

  3. you are so cool and badass looking! yeah bikeskirt hotties.

  4. I'd give up coffee for two days for weather like that this week:)

  5. Cute outfit! But how in the world could it be that warm in B'ham when we had freezing rain (and snow today!)? Not. Fair. ;)


  6. i have those target boots! they look so goofy on me though, i think, because of my short legs.

  7. Copenhagen loves you! Wonderful shot!

  8. Trust me, proms are overrated.

    My senior year in high school, I found out that my best buddy, who was a bit of a cad, wasn't going to ask his long-time girlfriend, also a senior, to our senior prom.

    I went to my girlfriend at the time, who was a junior, and told her that I'd really hate to see our friend miss her senior prom and wanted to know if she would be horribly disappointed if I asked the friend to go instead of her.

    When she said she understood what I was doing and why, then I knew I had found the right girl for me. We'll celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this year.

  9. I went to see Bad Brains instead of going to my senior prom. I had a MUCH better time!!!


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