Friday, January 16, 2009

Link of the, lifetime!

So, I was checking my usual cycling fashion blogs and came across this.

Be sure to check out Bike Skirt - Girls, Bikes, Their City and lots of skirts. Funky little blog.

O.M.G...we are mentioned on COPENHAGEN CYCLING CHIC!!!!

The biggest, best and foremost cycling fashion site EVER.

I am a little bit excited about this. as you can tell.

This is just getting crazy! Thanks, internets, for all the love!

ok-have a nice day.

tomorrow Anna and I get to meet Trisha from Lets Go Ride a Bike for coffee. Got to love the intercity cycling community/support system. I hope Birmingham is ready for the abundance of bike skirts tomorrow!


  1. That is pretty sweet. Personally, I couldn't really care less about wearing skirts while biking, but congrats nonetheless.

  2. Trip, Thanks...I think. Since I couldn't really care less about Trad. or football, I would call us even.

  3. Stacy, my dad and I passed you girls riding this morning and I tried to wave from behind tinted glass. Hope fun was had...

  4. Umm, cycling fashion? I guess I'd love to photograph a lot of fashioned people on their nice bikes, but myself, I think there's almost noone on this planet who cares less about cycling in a fashioned style.
    On my recent tour ( I just looked like a fool sometimes with these long underpants (for sun protection) and short trousers.
    But really, I like the movement, I like the flickr groups on the topic and I love the even more beautiful beauties on their bikes! KEEP RIDING!

  5. I'm here from the CCC link - and here's a link to my wife and I out on a date the other night! Keepin' it chic!

  6. Woot. Congrats for making it on the Copenhagen site! :D


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