Saturday, March 14, 2009

Action Wipes discount for Bike Skirt readers

Action Wipes has generously offered Bike Skirt readers a 15% discount!

Bike Skirt readers - get 15% off at enter code: SKIRT

Now you have no excuse not to go and try some. And your cubical mate will no longer have to deal with your post bike...scent. Read my review here.

I think i may need to try the spray that you can use to reuse your action wipes OR spray alone.

Spreading the fresh smelling bike love.

If you live in Birmingham, please go and get yours at Homewood cycles. It is the only way to ensure they continue to stock them. Live Locally.

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  1. Well done, spread the bike love. Sadly I don't think I can try them in this part of the world, but I'll keep a look out for them.


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