Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here comes the Sun

Spring has Sprung here in Birmingham and I am so glad for it! Riding to work every day is like playing on the playground before the bell fun! I find myself laughing and smiling to myself as I race down the many hills on my commute and not minding sweating it out on the climbs up. Everything is so fresh and peaceful in the morning.

In the evening, I have time to relax and put work behind me before getting home. I get some of my best thinking done and feel like I have put the day away by the time I reach my front door.

I have been riding the entire way (as opposed to driving partway then riding) for about 3 weeks now. I love it. There is something wonderful about leaving your door then arriving at work with absolutely no gas burned and only having used your own power to get yourself there.

I was riding home yesterday and the sunset was beautiful. I normally get home a little too early to actually see it set, but I stopped off for beers with coworkers at a local pub so it was just in time. It was like the sky was painted red and orange just for my ride. You can enjoy a sunset from a car, but yesterday it was amazing. No windshield will ever be big enough to encompass it all.

Tonight I have to head to my LBS because Mick Jagger is sick. So sick that his cable popped and broke the housing. I also realized that in my trying to fix him last week I in fact made it worse. live and learn!

good thing I have a friend who is a great mechanic and teacher. Community is awesome.

I hope your week is spring like and that you are seeing many sunrises and sunsets on your journeys.


  1. Nice post! In the end of summer, here in São Paulo - Brazil, we have heavy rain after a bright and sunny day. But, as the guys from our Critical Mass here use to say, there's no rain for a rider going home. Very inspiring post... longingfor autumn (which must be somehow like your spring). :)

  2. I had similar experiences when riding to and from work. In the morning it will wake me up gently and in the evening it really helps to put work aside and be ready for a nice evening.

  3. That is so funny, I wrote something very similar this morning! It's so true that the ride home helps you "put the day away." I love that about bicycle commuting. Want to hear more about the new route, and where it takes you! Pictures?

  4. Riding to and from work is simply the best way to start and end the day, there is no contest. Like your part of the world spring has sprung here in Wales, and I enjoyed a fantastic ride in and from work today, I feel so energised and content, the weather forecast says the next few days will be just as good, but I'll be out in it rain or shine.

  5. I had to work late last night, yet the ride home had me smiling all the way. The weather was perfect, the streets were empty. I was in heaven!

    Off Topic....what knee length boots are being worn on the picture at the top of the blog? You've inspired me to wear my skirt to work and a nice set of boots would help during the morning and evening chill when I typically ride to and from work.


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