Friday, March 6, 2009

Strange Weather

As I rode today in the 74 degree weather, it was all but impossible to believe that we had four inches of snow here five days ago.  I wore a short sleeveless dress that flowed all around as the wind blew with and against me.

It's equally difficult to believe that tomorrow I will once again be immersed in snow.  I'm hanging up my bike and hopping on a snowboard for the next week in Telluride.  I've never been to Colorado (or any western states for that matter), so I'm totally stoked.


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  2. i wear little shorts underneath and let the dress fly free, but it doesn't fly up in my face or anything. it's more the backside that gets exposed. people can think what they want!

  3. Thanks for reminding me that there will be Spring dresses, very soon! Well, not that soon in Mpls. It seems that every March we get a 70F day and everybody thinks Spring is here to stay. Then it snows. But there is always hope.

  4. Anna-have so much fun! I miss you already!!

  5. Lovely dress! Probably a good idea to wear something underneath. I have some short dresses and skirts in my wardrobe too, that probably also need that extra bit underneath. But well, still very cold and rainy here.

    Btw, I read a study by Ian Walker (traffic and transport psychologist at the University of Bath) that said that cyclists with helmets are overtaken with less distance, but women are overtaken with more distance. So the more female we look, the safer we should be on the bike :-).

  6. Is that a motor scooter in the background?

  7. Very Cycle Chic outfit!
    Any chance of a pic of you on your bike in the dress?
    Also what kind of shoes were you wearing?

    ...Crazy weather - its all part of global warming.

  8. yay thanks everybody!

    Anna: I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for that safety feature, but it makes sense I guess. Looking more fragile or something.

    Gordon: that would be a honda ruckus, one of my other modes of transportation (I will go ahead and confess that I have a car too).

    Man: no pics of my on the bike, this was a self done job. And I was wearing some converse, my usual biking shoes.


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