Monday, March 30, 2009

bike commuting is sexy

Here are a few things I learned on my commute this morning:

1. The Trek Soho travel mug doesn't keep anything hot (or even warm) for a 10 mile ride. wtf?!
2. There seems to have been some sort of squirrel massacre in Mountain Brook this weekend...they were dead all over the place
3. Lightweight Wool shirts (like this one) ROCK. keeps you warm when you need to be warm, cool when you need to be cool and wicks like crazy!
4. If you haven't tried on a dress since last season, make sure it still fits before you pack it. I have been working today in a dress that is about 2 inches shorter than is acceptable (the newly formed backside cycling has given me seems to have raised the dress up a bit!). oops.


  1. 1. But will it keep hot drinks hot?
    2. Forest Park, too. Gross!

  2. oops, I meant doesn't keep anything hot! editing is a good thing that I don't do nearly enough of.

  3. unless it;s a thermos style thing, with actual vacuum between the walls, it;s not going to keep things cold very long

    [or hot]

    even if you put ice in the water

    your bottle probably has either
    air or
    plastic foam
    between the walls

    an actual thermos is good but
    a. it;s fragile [glass liners] and
    b. the walls are so thick it;s hard for it to hold much, and still fit in a normal bottle cage

    not sure anyone even tries to make a thermos for bike bottle cage


  4. I've developed a taste for iced coffee. Hot when I leave the house, cool and refreshing by the time I get to work.

  5. Yikes, squirrel massacre. That sounds very southern ;)

    That's almost exactly the shirt I wore today, Icebreakers, except all the same color (dark purple). Wool is love.

  6. i *heart* my oxo good grips liquiseal steel travel mug. it rocks. and keeps stuff hot for quite awhile. and is totally leakproof. and fits in the bottle cage or soma coffee mug holder perfectly.

  7. wle-I sort of knew this, but was hoping for at least warm when I arrived. oh well!
    quesnel-the best part is that I discovered the 2 leaves and a bud assam tea is amazing cold! love it.
    dottie-I actually have the plain colored Icebreaker shirt, but couldn't find it online. I got it for $20 should have bought 2.
    jbubble-I may have to look into that.

  8. ilove wool. icebreaker, smartwool iloveyou. <3

    and if I love wool as much as coffee, I can recommend Stanley mugs baby.
    Looking for the link to share with you, I found the have a 'bike' market called nineteen13
    Mine is not skinny to go on the bike holder, but is tougher than nails and super-duper insulated. Because bikes without coffee, I just could not exist, you know...

  9. I used to think that my jeans were getting tight because cycling was giving me all sorts of new muscles. Then I realized I just got fat.

  10. Reuben-are you calling me fat?!
    just kidding...since everything else is shrinking down (and I have never been overweight), I am pretty sure it is the cycling muscles!

  11. I can't do without my Ibex woolies and zip tops. Also have an Icebreaker camisole. Since I discovered wool, I'm not liking all my polyester bike tops. Maybe I can sell 'em....

    love your blog. It's inspired me to wear more skirts!


  12. Thermos all the way! I have a simple one liter made of steel with vacuum in the middle (no glass at all) that is heaven for hot/cold coffee all day long, with enough to share:) Carrying it is an entirely different story, though:)

  13. i respect bike commuters so much -- this is awesome.

  14. Rock on commuters!!!

    Ken peace out... Akron, OH

  15. Bike commuting IS sexy.. am I the only one who got stuck on #4?
    (OK #2 the squirrel massacre peeked my interest)

    A toned body is another plus of bike commuting.

    so were you wearing that dress while commuting?
    Which leads to thee question of shorts worn under the skirt or just panties?

  16. man-aren't you a pervy?! I was NOT wearing the dress while commuting...and I nearly always wear shorts while commuting!


  17. Sorry Elisa not trying to be a perv
    I knew I was taking a risk with that comment, but as fellow bike commuter in the City the sight of a pretty girl whose skirt gets windblown and allows the flash of panties is just a lovely sight to behold.

  18. My apologies - no harm meant...


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