Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sunday Ride

Bikeskirt Group ride! Mark your calendars (or your iCals on the phone). This Sunday. 2pm. Meet in front of Rojo.

Weather is supposed to be lovely, so let's get out in it! I am planning on a fun, leisurely ride, so if any of you people who love to ride fast (Alan, I am talking to you!)come, be prepared. Oh, who am I kidding...everyone just come and we will see what the pace ends up being.

see you then.

*if anyone wants to brunch at Rojo beforehand, let me know. I love a good brunch!*


  1. I'll be there in spirit! Don't have too much fun without me though.

  2. Sounds like much fun! Put me down on the "there in spirit" list.

  3. Miz Elisa, Mam,

    I don't know if there is anywhere around Smoke City that would lend itself to this, but Full Moon rides are fun.


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