Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to the grindstone

I have returned from Telluride, and am only marginally battered and bruised.  It was so beautiful and fun!  I was told by the homeboys at this used bike shop that each resident owns at least two bikes, and we saw an eye boggling number of bikes chained around town and people riding around. Amazing.

There was also a really fabulous brew pup there, so we took a really terrible picture of us drinking delicious beer.

Yesterday Elisa and I went on a lovely afternoon ride, first to V. Richards for a little snacky and then around Forrest Park, which is the neighborhood next to ours.  They have some amazing houses over there, lots of trees and other foliage, along with some pretty hellacious hills.  Near the end my arse really started to protest; I haven't quite recovered from the one hundred falls that I experienced whilst on the mountain (I really suck at snowboarding).

Our bikes, buddy locked in harmony outside of V. Richards. So sweet!

Now it's back to real life, and a thesis that needs to get written. Hizzah!


  1. Snowboards and bikes. What else would somebody want ;-).

  2. Tell us more about that thesis. I'm within hours of mailing mine off to my committee and the feeling is positively surreal (though the feeling anxiety is equally palpable).

  3. what kind of tires are on the black lemond? are they michelin? as if I need to spend more money on bike things...


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