Sunday, March 8, 2009

Review: Action Wipes

Living in Alabama, the weather is…unpredictable. In December, we often have 65 degree days, followed by 12 degree nights. As Anna mentioned, this week we had 4 inches snow and then 74 degree days!

One thing is never unpredictable…Summers. They are always hot. Without fail. Spring seems to come quickly, bringing 75 degree days with it. Lovely, right? Not if you are a bike commuter who has to work in a building with no showers. Like myself, for instance, who has a 10 mile commute over a mountain and through a neighborhood of rolling hills. In the winter I would arrive hot, but nothing a quick swipe with a baby wipe and a paper towel couldn’t take of.

This week I got a glimpse of riding in the sun and heat and it wasn’t pretty. Baby wipes are wonderful, but they don’t do much if you are really gross, plus they leave you a little greasy feeling and smelling like a changing table.

Enter Action Wipes. I had read about these and wondered what they were like. I bugged (ok-asked once) my Local Bike Shop and they ordered some. Score! Even funnier is that after they ordered them, I won some online. Sweet!!

Let me tell you, I love them. L-O-V-E. They are large enough to use everywhere (tip: top to bottom, starting with your face), don’t leave you greasy and smell great. They have Tea Tree oil, Frankincense and Eucalyptus in them and you leave smelling fresh, not cloyingly sweet or annoyingly perfumed.

Another great thing: you can rinse them and reuse them. I wash them and use them to wipe off the grunge on my bike after a muddy ride. I also have one that I use as a dishrag. You simply wash them and reuse.

They are a little bit more expensive than baby wipes ($9.50 for 15 pack, $3.50 for 5 pack), but worth every single penny. If you live in Birmingham, you can pick these up at Homewood Cycles (thanks Kenny!). Anywhere else, ask your local bike shop or get them online.

As the weather heats up, don’t be the guy or girl who rides her bike to work, but is stinky and gross all day. that is no way to spread the commuting love!

More warm weather tips to come. Stay Tuned!!


  1. This review makes me want to go and buy these. Friday was the first time since last October that I was sweaty enough for a wipe down after my commute. All last summer I used a washcloth and the soap from the dispenser to wash up at work (then lotion since the cheap soap dries my skin). Not the best set-up. I did not want to use baby wipes due to the changing table scent you mentioned. This could be a solution. Glad to hear they're reusable. -Dottie

  2. These look somewhat similar to the Fresh Bath Bio Wipes I use at work. I like that the Action Wipes have tea tree and eucalyptus, so I'll definitely give them a try.

  3. These sound like a must-buy, at least once summer rolls around.

  4. Hi. I've been reading for a while but couldn't comment b/c I didn't have an account. But now I do. Just want to say Hi and I love the blog. I was down on the wipes b/c of throwing stuff away- but you've swayed me. Now I want some to clean on before I jump on the subway. If only there was a helmet hair wipe!!

  5. I'll buy these because of the slogan alone: "Whatever you do...clean, refresh, soothe...wherever you go."

    So long Tag body spray...I think these will be my new shower substitute. With eucalyptus!

  6. You might like Rocket Shower, by It's a small pump-spray bottle filled with a mix of stuff probably a lot like the liquid part of those wipes. You could use the spray with a re-used wipe.
    This stuff has a faint smell of citrus and peppermint, probably because it has a bit of grapefruit peel oil and peppermint oil. DC can get quite sweaty in the summer, and I've found this stuff helpful and refreshing.
    Check it out:

  7. Wow, thank you so much for the review - and for suggesting them to Homewood! We are so happy you love Action Wipes. Not sure if you know, but we also offer an all natural "Sports Spray" that can be used alone, or to recharge the wipes. It's made with morenga seed extract (which has tons of antioxidents) and seven (7) essential oils. NO drying alcohol. You must try it!

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  8. Sorry, that last comment from was from Action Wipes.

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