Friday, March 20, 2009

UPDATED: Assface WJOX DJ threatens cyclists on air.

UPDATE: from Bici Co-op

Thanks to Jon for passing this link on.


My name is Lance Taylor, I am one of the co-host of the Roundtable on WJOX. My partner and I made some borderline ridiculous comments about cycling on Thursday and as you know there has been some obvious fallout. I do want to let you know, not that it matters, that what was blogged were not my direct comments. It really doesn't matter because my comments were uneducated. I would like to tell you that the past 48 hours have been a little strange and to be honest unproductive for all parties.

With all of that said I think that there is an opportunity for not only WJOX, but our listeners to learn a little bit more about what your community has to deal with on a daily basis.
As I have stated, I made a mistake, but why not use positive energy and let others like myself become informed of the dangers of motorists and cyclists.

If you have a moment please email me and let me know if you or someone would like to be a guest on our show this week to discuss.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Personally, I think this is the best outcome we could have hoped for in this situation and hope that this does become the opportunity that Mr. Taylor has outlined. Thanks to everyone for writing and calling and letting them know how you felt.



Today (Thursday )on WJOX 94.5 Birmingham (around 11:50 AM) one of the DJ's advocated hitting cyclists with cars. He said "I wish people would hit them, just clip them and send them flying over their handlebars." The context was he was angry with cyclists riding in the road. I have called the station and have been put thru to voice mail with nobody responding. Maybe with added voices an apology and clarification will be achieved.........................................


JOX 94.5 FM
244 Goodwin Crest Drive
Suite 300
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Business Office: 205.945.4646
Studio: 741-9450 or 800-239-WJOX (9569)
Fax: 205.945.3999
Program Director
Ryan Haney

Sales Manager
Lenny Frisaro

Promotions Director
Jennifer Dickson


  1. I don't know how relevant this is (I didn't hear the actual broadcast), but here's some information on DJs and liability:

  2. That's unbelievable - you have every reason to be outraged! Perhaps he took his cue from Rush Limbaugh who recently expressed similar sentiments on his broadcast to a huge national audience! I just don't understand how anyone could make such a suggestion... GRRR.

  3. That DJ should be fired. Do you know his/her name? It would help when contacting the station. I'm glad you're spreading the word!

  4. same thing happened in the atl 2004

    station forced to apologize


    99X Apologizes, Will Take Steps to Promote Cycling

    PSAs and Cycling Promotions Part of Agreement
    by Dennis Hoffarth
    appeared in FW July 2004

    I’m sure you are fully aware of the inexcusable comments and actions recently perpetrated by personnel at 99X FM radio. The outcry from the cycling community has been enormous, and we know that at least some sponsors have pulled their ads from 99X as a result. All references to tight shorts aside, many of the “infractions” crossed the line in clearly endangering the safety of bicycle riders on the roads. I am writing now to ask for your continued input on possible actions by 99x to rectify the situation.

    The Atlanta Bicycle Campaign contacted 99X the day of the first offensive broadcast (April 23), and again the following week. We then met with their Program Manager Chris Williams, and Station Manager Mark Renier on Friday May 7. The purpose of our meeting was 2-fold: 1) To make very clear to the station management the significance of the Morning Show crew’s attitude and actions on the day to day safety of cyclists on our roadways 2) To pursue actions on the part of 99x to balance the negative actions of the Morning Show crew.

    On the first point, we itemized for them the most endangering aspects of their words and deeds, as listed below:
    · Crash Clark’s reference to nudging cyclists off into a tree
    · Setting the tone for aggressive action toward cyclists on-road as demonstrated by callers who respond with aggressive comments toward cyclists
    · Comment made: “They (cyclists) challenge you at an intersection, but I don’t know if you want to take on that challenge… cuz you may lose”
    · Paraphrased comment - (Cyclists) are wimps because they where helmets more macho not to wear a helmet (bad message to kids)
    · Advocated riding on sidewalks (puts people in danger – both pedestrians and cyclists)
    · Response to the concern that cyclists are killed on the road “I want to let you know how many people care about those cyclists”
    · Later discussion the following week, they referred to those “cycling nazis”
    · Deliberate aggravation of motorists the following week, in sending personnel out onto Roswell Road traffic on the tandem with “Bitch” sign Mark Renier, Station Manager acknowledged that the above summary is accurate, and expressed regret for what happened. He indicated the station’s desire to take actions that would make up for these infractions. We indicated that we had some ideas on that, and we commenced to discuss specific actions. He agreed to commit 99x to the following:
    · Drive-time public service announcements for motorist education on cycling safety – 99x will help ABC produce these and run 2 in morning, and 2 in evening, for 2 months
    · PSAs about ABC's Share the Road Century in September. 99x will run PSAs promoting this safety awareness event
    · Bike to Work Day Announcements – 99x will run PSA’s leading up to National Bike to Work Day May 21
    · Public apology – Crash Clark made a public apology on-air Tuesday, 4/27 – 99x will give us the wording of that, and also post an apology on their web site
    · Consideration of additional actions. As this goes to press in mid-June, ABC is seeking additional input and/or buy-in from the broader cycling community and will possibly recommend additional actions by 99x to address issues brought forth in that process.

    Note this last bullet - that’s you. Please let us know if you think we are on the right track, or if you think we missed an important way in which 99X should further show their regret for this mistake, or their commitment to bicycle safety and rights. Also, please pass on any ideas for the PSAs, or let me know if you’d be willing to serve on our safety committee to help develop these. Please respond as soon as possible so that we can include any additional actions to this list, and get their commitment in writing.

    Thank you all for your out-pouring of response to this critical issue. The outcry from cyclists, both locally and nationally, had a tremendous influence. LAB (League of American Bicyclists) also played a major role by having representatives meet with executives of the parent company of 99X,, Susquehanna Radio Corp., in Pennsylvania.



  5. Keep it up. Make sure the station AND the advertisers know how many people there are who object to this attitude.

  6. I added my voice to the indondation of unhappy messages at WJOX. Wow! It's sad how many motorists choose to be ignorant about traffic laws concerning bicycles and how they would rather contemplate vehicular manslaughter than slow down for a few seconds to safely pass a human being on a bike. Is it really worth injuring or even killing someone to get to the next red light a little faster? Now, I know not all cyclists are without guilt, but in car v. wins.

  7. One of our local cyclists was killed last summer, while riding on the shoulder of a Freeway. He was doing nothing wrong. When the cycling community called a meeting the the police and highway authorities we got a heartfelt promise to do more to protect us--and earful about shocking cyclist behavior. A trucking safety instructor--and cyclist--said that bikes were the biggest problem trucks encounter inside towns and cities. It takes a semi 300 feet to stop. "We tell our drivers to be ready for any kind of weird behavior from cyclists, including riding through lights, and off curbs at any time.

    We can't fish for apologies over outrages like this radio show while acting like a two year olds on a temper tantrums when we ride. The radio host was a jerk, yes, but he's tapping into a rage that many drivers have felt when they see cyclists break every law in the book.

  8. This is exactly why I try to act like a car at all times when I am riding my bike in the road. Not that it makes these on air comments OK, but cyclists need to aware that when they ride without following the rules of trafic that this is the result. A few disrespectful riders give the lot of us a bad name.

    By riding responsibly and having respect for all others on the road, bicyclists can earn the respect that we deserve and are entitled to by law.

  9. This happens somewhere in the US every year. It seems like it will continue until someone sends the message that it's not funny, and it could end a broadcasting career.

    The League of American Bicyclists has some good advice, facts, and form letters you can use to respond. Take a look here:

    Also, you can contact the League, so this event can be recorded in their "Trash-talk" listing, They'll also help make sure the station managers and owners take some action. Again:

  10. wow....fucking morons at THAT station...

  11. i blasted them, from their 'user comment' page

    someone at the station actually wrote back to me, trying to make all nice-nice

    ryan haney

    saying 'oh it was all out of context'

    it does sound like they are at least trying spin and damage control, whether they are sorry or just 'sorry they got caught', hard to say


  12. here is the program directors personal email address.

  13. I contacted them and shared my views. I requested an on air apology and donation to cycling advocacy groups. I hope we can stay on this to find out if the station does issue any apology.

  14. I faxed my displeasure to the station.

  15. I asked Mr. Haney if the segment was recorded and if it could be placed online for everyone to see for themselves the true context. He said they did not record the show as the hosts were off site on location and they do not record shows off site.

    Sounds like B.S. to me. Damage Control 100%

    I encourage everyone to email the companies that advertize on that particular station to let them know what thier money is funding.

  16. I just wandered over here from Stevils blog but I sent the station manager this message.
    Hello, I am writing in regards to the comments from one of your DJ's the other day, on air concerning cyclists on the road. I am shocked and outraged that anyone at wjox would continue to allow someone to work at the network after statements such as "I wish people would just hit em, just send them right over their handlebars". I am an avid cyclist and cycling rights advocate. I am appalled that this kind of behavior can go on the air unchecked and without immediate disciplinary action. DJ's are responsible for their words even if the majority of what their saying is worthless banter. I would like the station managers and promotions directors to know that I work in the advertising industry as a senior art director and copywriter. I will be contacting your clients and encouraging them to no longer do business with a volatile company such as yourself. I will continue to speak with your clients until the cycling community as a whole feels content with the stations disciplinary actions towards this particular DJ.
    -The Bicyclists

  17. What a travesty. What an absolute travesty.

  18. Does anyone have a list of the show's advertisers and/or their emails?

  19. I live in the Birmingham area and listen to this station frequently. Definitely not proud of it, that's for sure. There is a history of assinine commentary, lewd and ridiculous opinions, and total disregard for what the listening public thinks. I have heard Ryan Haney 'sitting in' for on air "talent" on many occasions. He is just as bad as the "talent". I hope that this community is able to take this complaint to the highest levels. Aaron had asked about the show's advertisers. Here are a few that I have noted: Guttercap, Dr. Rickett, Cafe Lazio, Petrucelli's Italian Eatery, Dr. Mark Michelson, Innisfree Irish Pub. If I think of any more, I will let you know. Good luck!!


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