Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am in love

So, this being a blog about girls who ride, I would be remiss not to mention boys.

* I should mention that I am the only single contributor to Bike Skirt, so this post in no way reflects Anna's feelings, as she goes home to a stud every night. David, we should all be so lucky!*

ANYWAY, Alan over at Brocycle recently posted about Rapha Continental. Well friends, I am in love. With a team of riders. They are so dreamy! Cute boys (men, really) who ride bikes, have tattoos, and write beautifully (seriously, awesome writing), and did I mention ride bikes? and have tattoos?

I have never met any of these guys, but upon reading their bios, I have decided that they are all also hella cool.

Rapha Continental is (according to the website): The Rapha Continental is a collection of photography, ride data such as elevation charts, cue sheets and maps, and descriptive, if not entertaining ride reports. This is a two year project during which time we will explore, document and connect the routes and people unique to Continental riding. A style of riding as much about elements, environments and experiences, as competition and speed. Our long term goal is to create and publish a library of the most epic and favorite routes, rides and riders in the country, by region.


Oh, did I mention that they rode the Tour of California? Yep, they did. Read their journal of the ride. Stunning photos and beautiful writing. I inhaled every portion of it, wishing I was riding alongside them.

Of course, this wouldn't be complete without some photos of the hotties (I mean, guys) of Rapha. Enjoy!

From Jeremy's bio: Someday soon Jeremy would like to ride in the South, The Deep South. He loves everything about that part of the world, the food, the people, all of it.

Well Jeremy...come on down.

In the meantime, visit their site, and check out the bikes section esp. Beautiful rides. Bikeskirt supports all riders, but especially hot guys who ride!

*BTW-I hope to update soon with more serious posts about commuting and life in Birmingham...but life has been busy. for a taste of what I have been up to, check out Bici's blog. We are hard at work trying to make that dream a reality.*


  1. I agree BUT Ill be a total fan of them once they consider a -ahem- women line. we got curves and those small nor medium sizes just dont cut it... so get to work hottie boys and show me the donna line pronto!!

  2. ha! Hello.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    word on the street is that we are coming your way this summer.

    just saying...


  3. mel-I agree. we need some curvy Rapha wear.

    Punk-it's true. I can't believe it either! :)

    J-let me know when you come! Bham will have to treat you guys right. (that sounded dirtier than I intended)
    oh and embrocation is pretty effing awesome.
    just sayin...

  4. rapha gear for girls would be awesome. there are times when i want to wear actual "bike" clothes and with a few exceptions, i really dislike most women-specific jerseys. my husband has the rapha winter jersey, which is so wonderful. his fits me, but is definitely snug in the hips. i would *love* to have my own that was actually cut with a bit of curve. maybe someday.

  5. as JD so eloquently put it, there is chance the
    rapha-colypse will roll thru the south.

    i'm looking forward to seeing it by bike.



  6. ok-I am suddenly so embarrassed that I posted this and the Rapha guys read it! I sometimes assume that only like 5 people read this thing...

    But I look forward to seeing all you Rapha fellas when you ride this way!

    red faced


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