Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is where we live - numero uno

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we here at bikeskirt give you a new weekly segment that will introduce you all to Birmingham, Alabama and the lives that we are carving out for ourselves here. For the inaugural post, I have here a photo of the one bike lane in town. It is nine blocks long and takes riders from Lakeview, which is about a block of bars, to UAB world (hospitals, etc). It is conveniently located to there area that Elisa and I reside in, and has been very useful for my school commutes.

Speaking of school, I am graduating on Thursday. YAY!

And finally, some updates: I am recovering well from my fall, and although I suffered some bruising and road rash, as well as that nasty chunk missing from my leg, I am overall only mildly injured. I've ridden a few times over the last couple of days, although not for any significant distance.

Elisa is still heartsick about Mick and has had no report regarding his whereabouts. However, she has been lucky to procure herself a perfectly lovely schwinn that has been fixed up for her riding pleasure. We continue to hope for Mick's speedy return.

Thanks everyone for your sympathy and condolences; bikeskirt has had an eventful week!


  1. Here's hoping this week goes better than last!

    Also, only one bike lane? Boo.

  2. What about 16th Street over in UAB or Green Springs Ave very briefly?

    Also, I think 7th Ave S is one of our streets that least needs a bike lane. With low traffic and a full turn lane, I feel much more comfortable taking the lane than riding right next to all of those parked cars.

  3. Patrick - it is true that there is a lane there as well, but as it goes for a total of three blocks to no-where in particular, it's hard for me to call it a legitimate bike lane.
    I don't know about this green springs ave lane...is it worth anything?

  4. Thanks for sharing the city pics that helps tell the story better.

    Here's to a better week and congratulations on graduating!
    Graduating with a degree in?

  5. That's one more lane than Dayton has, but that picture is sorta sad, though. Truck parked on the lane, faded striping. Need to get on the street department and the police.

  6. Congratulations on graduating, was there something in particular you were studying, some special purpose in mind (ie, career change, promotion)? Or was it just a "getting your ticket punched" kind of thing? (Been their, done that. 3 years in hell)

  7. I'm originally from LA (lower Alabama) and remember skanking around Five Points, throwing up in the fountain and generally making a nuisance of myself. During that time, which was far longer ago than I care to imagine, i don't remember seeing a single bike. Imagine my surprise when a friend who still lives in the area said Bham is becoming quite the biking community.

    I can't help but imagine this has something to do w/ the efforts of bicicoop, bikeskirt and brocycle. I just wanted to say how proud that makes me of both the Bham area and especially you guys. Thanks

  8. No. It's worth nothing. It's about three blocks too.

  9. What do you do if there is no bike lane?


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