Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bike to Work Day

We're hoping to see some familiar faces at Bike to Work Day on Friday; it's going to be great fun! for more info on what is going on in the morning, check out CommuteSmart. I will be at the fountain at 7 sharp!
After work, we hope you'll ride over to the J. Clyde tavern on Cobb Lane to hang and get your drink on. We're going to try and get there by 7 at the latest, but show up whenever you get off work or at whatever time is convenient - this is going to be a very relaxed form with no official start or end.

UPDATE! Specials from the Clyde:
$2 Leinenkugal Classic Amber
$3 SweetWater Georgia Brown
$3 Fuller's ESB
$3 Fordham Helles
We will also tap a Terrapin Rye Cask Condition Ale $8 Imperial pint (20 oz.) or $5 1/2 Imperial pint (10 oz.). When you purchase a cask order Fried Green Tomatoes for $3.

get on your bike and ride to work!

bike love


  1. So, turns out I'll be in B'ham on Friday -- meet you there? :-)

  2. I think everydy should be cycle to work day. Maybe the emphasis should be changed and that they had a yearly use your car day.

  3. Do you read Copenhagen Cycle Chic? A picture of a, an, ah, uhhhhm, just posted...

    Well there it is, YOU describe it.

    But she does look GOOD!

  4. happy bike to work (every)day!!


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