Monday, May 18, 2009

Sickness - A good excuse?

I hope everyone had a great bike to work day; mine was pretty...interesting. I'll tell you about it, shall I?

I had come down with a cold on Wednesday, so I was off work Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I was ready to go back, and also felt the pressure to ride, although I had been laid up for the past two days. Everyone met at the Fivepoints Fountain at 7 am for a pre- bike to work ride around town. I've never ridden in a group before so I was both entertained and frustrated as we negotiated traffic, got separated at stoplights, and wondered where the hell we were going (it was a very out of the way route). We ended up in a parking lot in the business district, which is about two miles and another hill down from my house.
After some snacks, I was debating whether I could make the trek up and over, then up and over again, to work and was sorely tempted by the bus station across the street. The temperature was also rising rapidly into the 80s. However, Bikeskirt's dear pal Heath offered to ride with me most of the way, so I figured I needed to do it. BIG MISTAKE (stupid pride). I had to stop like 5 times and was disturbingly close to puking all over Heath more than once. I arrived to work completely soaked in sweat and sat for about 30 minutes before I was able to get up and do what I'm paid to do (which is, admittedly, not too much).
But, you know, at least I did it, and the ride back was pretty easy. The thing I regret the most is how much of a tool I looked in front of Heath, especially since he was told by someone (thanks, Elisa) that I am a surprisingly strong rider. Sigh.


  1. xo.

    I spent all this time saying how much I loved my cargo bike to some guy. Saying how the hills weren't that bad. then we went for the ride and he passed me on a hill and asked me- "so how is this hill" and I could barely huff out a reply. I normally bike alone ( well with kids..) and so I don't talk to people as I bike. I felt foolish for how out of breath I was.

    I bet he thinks you are a rock star.

  2. he totally thought you are a rockstar. because you are!

    *you are also surprisingly strong when you are not sick. for reals!*

  3. Also-that seemed to be the beginning of a disastrous (albeit sort of fun) biking weekend here in Bham. At least for me. Details to come!

  4. i try to ride all i have is just
    a cold or allergy-ish symptoms

    puking would keep me home though ! :)


  5. I find that I actually feel better if I have a minor cold and go riding. I don't know if the increased blood flow gets the germs all mixed up and confused or what it does, but it works for me.

  6. Blowing chunks on someone would definitely take the shine off the relationship, no matter how friendly it was originally.

    So the bike commuter should try to avoid that?

  7. Vomiting on cute guy = bad. So your day can't have been bad since you didn't quite get there! What were you wearing that had you overheat so much while biking? Or was it just the sickness?

  8. paula - i think it was just a combination of the temperature, sickness, and my inactivity over the days preceding this adventure.

    vomiting on anyone should be considered a no no i think.


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