Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is where we live

Birmingham has a plethora of amazing photographers, and Cary Norton is the best of the best.  So for the next installment of this is where we live, I thought this photo of Cary's was perfect.  This is most definitely where we live. ride. sleep. drink. eat. love. fight the good fight. be.

You can visit Cary at one of his many internet locales:


  1. thought you might want to see this list I found.


    Most polluted US cities
    (By short-term particle pollution)
    1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    2. Fresno, California
    3. Bakersfield, California
    4. Los Angeles, California.
    5. Birmingham, Alabama
    6. Salt Lake City, Utah
    7. Sacramento, California
    8. Logan, Utah
    9. Chicago, Illinois
    9. Detroit, Michigan

    Most polluted US cities
    (By ozone pollution)
    1. Los Angeles, California
    2. Bakersfield, California
    3. Visalia, California
    4. Fresno, California
    5. Houston, Texas
    6. Sacramento, California.
    7. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
    8. Charlotte, North Carolina
    9. Phoenix, Arizona
    10. El Centro, California

    Most polluted US cities
    (By year-round particle pollution)
    1. Bakersfield, California
    2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    3. Los Angeles, California
    4. Visalia, California
    5. Birmingham, Alabama
    6. Hanford, California
    7. Fresno, California
    8. Cincinnati, Ohio
    9. Detroit, Michigan
    10. Cleveland, Ohio


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