Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is where we live

Ok I am seriously slacking on documenting our Birmingham experience!  I forgot last week (personal stress will be my excuse), and although tonight Elisa and I had a fabulous time riding and eating and drunking, a lapse in memory forced me to not bring my camera.  Thus, the festivities were not documented.  It was a good time though, that's fo sho.

So, anyway, I will post a photo of Birmingham.  Admittedly, it's about five years old, but it looks exactly the same here.  This is close to where Sunday Night Sprints happened; which was a lot of fixed gear fun for the whole family.  Why don't we do that anymore??


  1. LOVE the photo. Looks like something off a model railroad.

    Uh, except it's bigger. And there are no tracks.

    Enjoying the blog!

  2. Nice shot - city noir.
    I love the "This is where we live" posts.


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