Thursday, June 4, 2009

How does it feel to be in last place? Sort of terrible, actually.

I was reading the latest post over on lets go ride a bike and, after reading about Trish's disappointment over Tennessee's low ranking on the League of American Bicyclists list state's bike friendliness, I decided I would check Alabama's.  I knew it would be low, but I certainly didn't expect that we would be in the very last spot.  Number 50; seriously harsh!

I guess it's time for Alan, Elisa, and I to change that...ALL HAIL BICI!


  1. While it's no good to find your state in last place, in something you love, I think it's a compliment to you and your friends. You're preaching the bike gospel to some real heathen! It's all lot tougher when you don't feel like you're getting much support, but your successes will be that much sweeter. No where to but up!

  2. huh

    when i ride in bham, i mostly feel like it;s fairly friendly and laid back

    i mean driver attitude to cyclists

    i;ve been all over cahaba hts, mt brook, southside, red mtn, downtown, leeds, inverness/280, indian springs, altadena


  3. I don't take a whole lot of stock in surveys and statistics in general...most are skewed to the advantage of who ever paid for the survey...



  4. How did Mississippi beat out Alabama?

  5. Worse than a low score is an unreasonably high score that is not deserved (it means you can't get people concerned about their crappy performance, to fix things). "See, we're not doin' nothin' and got 36th, not bad!" Welcome to Texas...

  6. Harsh is right.

    People like you doing what you do will eventually change that though.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. It is so awesome that you are doing something to change that ranking -- congrats! I'll be in B'ham this weekend; maybe we can meet up for coffee and a quick ride on Sunday?

  8. Trish-we are actually planning a group ride on should join us! I will email you the details. sounds fun!


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