Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Only June and it is already 100 degrees out when I leave work. Seriously folks, it is HOT. When I leave at 7am, we are talking about 80 degree...that is hot for the wee hours.

Because of this extreme heat and the knowledge that it is only going to get hotter as the summer goes on, I have compiled some tips and tidbits about trying to ride out the heat

1. Leave early-you don't want to be in a rush in this heat. Add in some panic and 80 degrees suddenly feels like 100, 100 feels like...well, you get it

2. Action Wipes-I don't have a shower at work. So I have to use these puppies each day when I get to the office. I arrive sweaty and gross, but a quick wipe down with a large Action wipe does wonders. I really don't think I (or my coworkers) could survive the summer without it.

3. Don't bother with make-up or getting cute till you get there-it is a waste of time to put on make-up and cute clothes only to sweat it off. however, you MUST put on sunscreen.

4. Dress the part-cotton is my enemy. It gets so hot and sticky that it feels disgusting when you get to your destination. I use Icebreaker Wool shirts and cotton skirts (with cycling shorts underneath) for my rides. Anything else gets hot and gross. Bring your work clothes in a bag or keep some in the office. Shoes and all. I carry mine, but also keep a spare pair of shoes, panties (I have forgotten these and going commando OR wearing cycling shorts all day is awkward), and a dress in a file cabinet just in case.

5. Hair care-I had to cut my hair short. It was the only way to combat helmet head. I have thin hair that luckily looks good short. If not, bring a blowdryer to work at the beginning of the season, because you will need it. I have a great stylist so my hair actually looks better with helmet head (unbelievable, but true!). Little tip: bike to your stylist so he or she can see what they are working with, helmet head wise. Best decision I made regarding summer riding hair. Oh, and dry shampoo is incredible.

6. My bag full of essentials: deodorant, Action Wipes, Dry Shampoo, light natural perfume, dry towel, make-up (primer, cheek stain and powder especially), hair creme.

Other stuff: clean socks for your ride home. I can put on my shorts and shirt again, but the socks never quite feel right after a sweaty morning ride. Ick.

Your stuff will be a bit different, but these are the things I can't live without. That and my water bottle. Clearly


  1. short hair is soooo essential for biker chicks like us! and stylish :)

  2. How long does it take you to get ready for the workday once you arrive -- and where do you do it, in the bathroom stalls? What you are describing would not be possible to orchestrate at my job.

  3. Good tips! For my sweaty and helmety hair, I just throw it into a ponytail for the day. Boring, but much easier than messing with a blow dryer.

  4. Great post. I just linked to it over at

    Jason from RocBike

  5. - I like Ghostwriter want to know what dry shampoo is?
    - How many miles are you biking to and from work?
    - and once again a reference to that shortage of panties in your town
    amuses me..


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