Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just wanted to give a shout out to all who might be visiting after reading the article in the Birmingham Weekly.  Hope you enjoy your stay and come back often!  Thanks a billion to Carrie Rollwagen, you rock our world with your mad writing skills.  You can check her and our pal Kevin out at Some New Trend

Also, please take a second to visit the Bici website, a non-profit bike cooperative founded by Alan Barton and ourselves.  The goal of Bici is to increase access, provide education, and be an advocate for biking in the city.  Opening May 1 in the Highland Park area!

FYI to our regulars, BikeSkirt was featured in this week's issue of the Birmingham Weekly, a free paper distributed around the 'ham. As of tonight the article wasn't posted on their site yet, but should be up soon at

Bike love!

p.s. photo taken by T. Scott!


  1. Fantastic picture, can't wait to read the article.

  2. This looks like a prom photo. :) Congrats on the feature.

  3. 'just something about a southern girl's smile...well done!

  4. nice pic
    pretty people
    dramatic lighting
    good subject!


  5. it IS a prom photo...from our Valentines Bike Prom and alleycat!

  6. Checked out your Bici website. It's looking good!
    Both of you look wonderful in the photo too!


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