Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bike Lust

I have been wanting to get a new bike. I was planning on getting an older bike and converting it to a single speed, which I probably will still do. However, I have been spending WAY too much time in my Local Bike Shop and am lusting after 2 bikes. One is in stock, and it is taking everything in my power not to race out to buy it today.

The other is one that is not even on the market yet, but will be in September (I think...). Plenty enough time to save up!

I could tell you all the specs on these bikes, but instead will just show the photos. Aren't they awesome??

Masi Speciale Fixed

Trek District (available Summer 2009)

The Trek District intrigues me because of a new Belt Drive Technology. When the guys at the shop told me about it, I was won over.

The belt drive is a carbon fiber composite belt reinforced to prevent stretch. The worry-free, lube-rejecting, lighter-than-any-chain-you’ve-ever-owned belt also produces a ninja-like quiet ride.

I love the simple lines and good looks of these bikes. I have officially started a Buy a New Bike Fund. New shoes be damned, Mama needs a new ride!

The guys at the Bike Shop REALLY shouldn't have given me a copy of the 2009 catalogs for Trek, Independant Fabrications (my favorite!) and Elektra. I can't stop looking at them and have had to wipe the drool up off the pages. Total Bike Porn.


  1. Buy a bike and help the economy. :)

  2. That whole carbon belt thing boggles my mind. I love the look of that Trek.

  3. I think the MASI has way more class than the trek. The MASI has a much more classic design than the Trek, which I personally find much more attractive. So I vote for the MASI. The belt drive on the Trek sounds pretty cool, though. I've been wanting to test-ride a belt drive for a long time (and a shaft-drive,too...) but haven't gotten around to it. Go MASI

  4. You might want to look at a Surly Cross Check. It is a cyclocross bike but it has clearances and eyelets for racks and fenders. It can be used as a single speed, but I live in Birmingham as well and don’t think my knees will take Shades Mountain or Red Mountain with one gear. I have a Surly Traveler’s Check which is an identical frame, but can be taken apart for traveling. I use this bike for commuting. I have a triple crank in the front with a mountain bike 9 speed cassette in the back.

  5. My current and previous motorcycles have used a clean, light, strong, and engine-lifetime-durable belt for final drive.

    Have you folks ever checked out Rivendell?

  6. You should check out the Kona Paddywagon. It's a flip-flop singlespeed/fixie

  7. Of the two, I like the Speciale Fixed better...but not the "LTD" model (although I must admit that it is classy). You'll quickly learn to hate track drops for road riding (only one good hand position). Their regular Fixed model has proper road bars...something to consider, in any case.

    I'm incredibly intrigued by the Gates belt drive...and I love the battleship grey/orange color scheme.

    And yes, there are dozens of other great fixed/singlespeed choices, but you didn't mention any of those other as "lustworthy", so I won't fill your head with other ideas.

  8. You go girl; way to keep your priorities straight! As a Felt rider, I have to point you to this sharp, funky little number (which I'd probably buy if I had the money):

  9. I too enjoy drooling over bikes at the bike shop. I think this Masi is awesome, although I would be more interested to try the special Trek, and it's super cool color scheme. If you take it for a test ride, let me know how it rides!

  10. I almost went out and bought the Trek Soho, a cousin to the District, with a belt drive and urban assault posture.

    It turned out, that like the District, the 2009 model with the belt drive wouldn't be out until later. This put "shell out big bucks on a new bike idea" on ice.

    Instead, I placated the bike lust when I found a 1976 Schwinn Le Tour II that was in pretty good condition. I paid $65 for it and began learning some basic bike mechanics and got it road worthy in just a couple of weeks. Now the classic styled 10-speed is my daily fair-weather commuter.

    Now I can't decide if I want to single-speed it (Omaha is a pretty hilly town), make it a light and fast road bike for trying to hang with the fasties, or get lots of cool Rivendell parts and and do the classic style thing with the old steel frame.

    I think this means I just need more and more bikes. :)

  11. @Scott...the belt drive Soho is a internally-geared setup (Nexus 8), not a singlespeed like the District...just in case you didn't know. I think I like the Soho better for that reason -- I'm a huge fan of Shimano IGH.

  12. Both of these could be good matches for you -- so sassy and sporty! I vote for the belt drive Trek because I'm a sucker for new technology, and since my bike budget is already maxed out, I need someone I know to check it out for me. :) Plus, I really like orange.

  13. One of the cool things about the Masi is that the guy who is the Brand Manager there is from Alababma and still has much of his family there too- his father lives in B'ham even!

    That guy is me, of course...

    Thanks for lusting after our bike. Sorry about the loss of Mick Jagger- I hope he shows up soon (if not already).

    The Trek is not a bad bike. We're contemplating belt drive too, but we're looking at it a little differently. The only downside we've found is that the frame has to be modified- and arguably weakened- to accommodate installation/ removal of the belt... and you are somewhat limited on gearing choices unless you use an internally geared hub. Single speeds are a little harder to do, just because of the limited options and the limited ability to change your mind for a different gear size later. ALL THAT SAID... we're still looking into it. It's got a lot of merit and potential, so you just never know.

    Hope all is well in my home state.

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