Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes we fall

I had my first official and gnarly fall last night.  I was riding my fixed gear, puggles, and the chain decided to pop off, thus immediately incapacitating my bike from any sort of movement, and rocketing me into the ground.  The whole right side of my body is suffering from some serious road rash; unfortunately I wasn't wearing that much clothing, and the clothing that I was wearing was kindly ripped away once I hit the ground and skidded on my face a few inches, so little skin was protected. There is also a massive hole on my leg with some muscle and ligaments peeking through (photo to the left is me having a teeny break down after seeing how nasty the hole was; no one likes having that sort of thing cleaned out). 



  1. That's what makes you tough!!! The very first time I rode my fixed gear- it was still brakeless and I was a little tipsy. I flipped the handlebars and stopped myself with my FACE. 7 hours in the ER and two broken teeth later... tough as nails! Just be grateful you still have all of your teeth :)

  2. Today i had my first fall, too. Elbow, knee, shoulder and chin bruished. Keep cycling!

  3. Anna is a trooper!! that is one hell of a hole in her leg, photos don't do it justice.

  4. Owie... One of many reasons I like brakes and don't want a fixie...

  5. Yep, less clothing is riskier, but what are you gonna do when it gets hot out? I ride with more care.

    Bike scars are cool!

  6. some people might say that this is one of the reasons fixed gears aren't really a great choice for daily riding... that freewheel hubs make a heckuva lot more sense... but honestly, what do those people know?


    glad you're ok. keep riding! the sooner you're back on the better.

  7. So Sorry Anna... Get better and make the road pay for what it did to you!

  8. It's awesome that you're documenting the good and the hazards as well.

  9. Your wound is your badge of courage...ride on!

  10. Ouch. I know how you feel. I busted my ass tuesday over on 1st ave s. but not quite as bloody. Everything heals eventually.

  11. ouch


    i have to say also though,
    having brakes, and
    not having to pedal when it's a bad idea,
    make sense for a lot of reasons though

    i like gears too, but they aren;t a safety issue

    but there are still plenty of ways to fall,
    even with brakes, freewheels and gears.

    i know. :0

    ride through the blood :)


  12. I skinned my knee last weekend LOL *sniff*

    Feel better soon.

  13. OUCH! Hope that heals quickly.

  14. sorry to hear about your fall. don't let the nay-sayers get you down. :)

  15. That sucks!

    The worst part of a bike accident like this:
    The long walk home -
    busted and bruised, both you and the bike, limping home,
    busted chain and all.

    Did it rip your pants or were you wearing shorts?

    Heal soon.

  16. Hi Bike Skirt--Ouch! I'm too chicken to ride a fixed wheel. I'd crash--you rock!

  17. yikes. take care of that.
    knaaaaaaarly scar waiting to happen indeed ;D

  18. I went down at 25 mph a few years back when a braze/weld broke on my recumbent and catipulted me into a slide on a gravelly shoulder of the road. I was the poster child for road rash as the slide literally ground my spandex shorts right off my body.(learned my lesson and now am very comfortable in my everyday clothes while cycling.)

    Best advice has already been given here: Get back on the bike as soon as you can.

    Really enjoy the blog! You are both doing a great job with it!


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