Tuesday, April 7, 2009


not all of these are worth their own post (or maybe I am too tired and lazy to do it), but some things I have been thinking

*I do my best thinking from my bike saddle. Seriously
*I got to wear my winter cycling clothes again today and was glad...I love my Castelli jersey!
*I slipped off of my seat, due to a slippery skirt, then the bike came up behind me and hit me. Left a huge ugly bruise on my ass. I totally got my butt kicked by a bike. a bike!
*I got my bonus check today and DIDN'T buy a new bike. Paid off some debt instead.
*I may have to start editing my posts more carefully if the inappropriate comments and emails continue. Sad but true. Hey Creepy Creepersons...quit being so creepy! I have already taken my email off of my profile due to emails. Please, let's keep it safe here. I don't want to have to worry.
*New word-bumpintoitiveness: what cities and communities are lacking and what makes them liveable. The ability to bump into your neighbors and really live in community. I learned it when Anna and I attended a reception and talk by Dan Burden of Walkable.org. It was really inspiring!
*Check out Birmingham Magazine this month if you can. Bici is profiled on the Extra's page (no internet link)
*I heart my online community!


  1. Dan Burden is the bomb. I'm lucky enough to count the family among my friends. Imagine a whole family like him. Amazing people those Burdens.

    Don't sweat the bruise. Some days you ride the bike. Some days it rides you.

  2. My bike also kicked me once when I had to do an emergency stop because a driver cut me off. That's forgivable (for my bike), I guess. But it still hurt.

  3. when you look at the bruise, remind yourself how hardcore you are for riding as much as you do!

    or - as i keep telling my son, if you ride bikes, you will fall off bikes.

    too bad about the creepycreepo's - sadly, not surprising.

  4. i know what you mean about thinking on the bike

    my best bike accessory is: olympus voice recorder

    better than trying to write things down
    or trust to memory

    something like this

    they are about $20 on ebay


  5. wle,

    That's good advice. I carry an Olympus WD-300M digital recorder in my jersey pocket. It's great for capturing stuff I want to blog about.

    I ran into one of the most fascinating characters I've ever met last summer (and I was a newspaper guy, so I've met lots of characters).

    I pulled up to ask him some questions about his house and rolled tape (OK, electrons) from the very start. It turned into a two-hour interview that was priceless.

    This recorder is tiny, runs on a single AAA battery, records up to eight hours at high quality and plugs directly into a USB port to transfer the audio files.

  6. Good thinking is as easy as falling off a bike, when you're on a bike. Nice ideas on recording thoughts.

    It's easy to be a creep when nobody can see you. They have problems.

  7. You're getting inappropriate emails in addition to inappropriate comments? ooh Do share. I think you should publish them so we can all publicly shame the authors. What if you leave your email address public and start a weekly series: Creepy Email/Comment of the Week?

    The thing is, maybe they don't realize they're being creepy? Maybe if you call them out on it, they'll get the idea? or maybe they're just pervy...

  8. the wd-300m is smaller than the [older, cheaper] dw-90

    but it;s longer
    [sticks out of pocket more]

    and i don;t trust that 2-part design

    seems like if you sat on it, it would break


  9. Amen to the best thinking done on the bike seat comment. Have a few favourite spots in London I cycle to when I need some think time too


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