Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Workin' for the weekend

So much bike fun this weekend!!

First we have the Atlanta crew, with a fun filled weekend! No Brakes is having their 2nd Anniversary Race & Party on Friday, July 10. Anna and I are for sure headed that way Friday night. (rumor: 50 cases of PBR donated!). Watch out ATL; Bike Skirt is about to invade!
On Saturday there's a pro velo race at the Dick Lane Velodrome, should be awesome to watch. Then on Sunday there's another velo race, this time for messengers and city bikers, with Cyclehawk's velocity. Winners get a free trip to Tokyo!

Pensacola Alley in Pensacola, Fl is also having a fun filled weekend, with their Blue Angels Alleycat. Looks like a whole lotta good times, and the beach too!
Finally, here in Birmingham we have a couple of things that you really should attend. If you haven't heard yet, our dear beloved Bottletree Cafe is in a financial pickle, and needs YOUR sweet lovin' to help them out! Saturday night they are having a free show to help business, so get yo booty over there and buy some drinks! Anna will be there rocking out (or something similar) with Andy's Tea Party.
Sunday night is the first of many events with The Sunday Night Skid! Every other Sunday our dear pals Matthew and John are going to be running the show with sprints and bike games. They are also doing some sort of point system, but you'll have to go to their site to get info on that.
Leave a comment if you'll be attending any of these events, or if you're looking to carpool!


  1. Will be most def attending The Sunday Night Skid!!! haha

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