Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is where we live

Today, I give you my commute. From my workplace to home, I tried to take photos of each street. Mainly hills, but it is actually a lovely ride.

Unfortunately I moved this weekend, so I will have to change the first (or last) part of my ride. Still trying to get that worked out. Will post it once I am settled!

Enjoy my ride.


  1. Elisa,

    I like what you and Anna do with this blog.

    In the interest of y'all's safety, I would like to caution you to be careful about posting too much detail about where you live. I would hate to see anything happen to either of you because someone followed you home using your post.

    If I may suggest, this post of your old commute gives us the readers a good idea of the terrain and scenery without telling us where you live now.

    Be careful out there,

    (Bicycle commuting police officer)

  2. Bill,
    Thanks for your concern. I tried to not put any street signs or the front of my workplace or home in order to prevent any sort of safety issue. I have had a few scares and am pretty cautious these days. thanks for the kind is good to know folks are looking out for us!

  3. Ditto on what Bill said.

    I like these "where we live" posts for the sake of getting a pretty accurate idea of what conditions you ride in. I see where it is a lovely ride have to say I really get an idea of how unbike friendly it can be as well.

    ( What is that mansion by the way?)

  4. I'll say it looks unfriendly to bikes! Where are the bike lanes?! :-( Kudos to you for riding, but do be careful out there. Other than that, it looks lovely. Bill is so right on. Keep any street you live near off of here. With as much as I reveal on my blog, I never photograph streets within four blocks of my place. You just never know.

  5. thanks for the concern everybody! we're trying to be safe, but probably could do a better job of it.

    the mansion is one of many in the lovely town of Mountain Brook; home to Birmingham's rich and famous. More info here:

  6. It looks like an interesting ride.

    I agree witht the others about not posting too much info.

    Ride safe!


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