Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our first visitor!

Tuesday Elisa and I were privileged to have our first blog visitor! Paul from came through town on a cross country family trip, and we went for a nice morning ride together. After Paul set up his folding bike (a bike friday model) and I showed up late and groggy, we set off into morning traffic. We decided to take a route that went through some downtown Birmingham hotspots, including 5 points, UAB, and the business district. We even got to hop on our shortest bike lane (2 blocks long). We ended at our favorite coffee shop, Urban Standard. After some delicious coffee and baked goods, as well as great conversation, we had to head back home so Paul could get back to his family and onto their next adventure. Thanks for coming Paul, it was a pleasure meeting you!

Check out his blog chronicling their trip, The Epic Journey.



    check it out! me and matthew are starting up this biweekly sprint and tricks thing wondering if you could help us out by promoting it???

  2. Ain't it great when you actually meet a reader? Here's my reaction when I met my first reader in the wild:

    and, I thought of you all on a Summer of Love Freakbike Milita Ride Wednesday night. It's just the kind of thing you'd have liked.

  3. I am so envious, I just wish I could come and visit, one problem though it's half way round the world from here, my little valley in South Wales.


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