Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who's a klutz?!

I have an estimated 15 bruises on my legs right now.  I know how some of them came to be, but most are a mystery.  One thing is certain - my bikes are somehow involved.


  1. I feel your pain. I STILL have those 3 holes in my leg from my pedals and multiple bruises of unknown origin.
    but I sort of like it. Feel like a bad ass..

  2. War wounds are cool... until they get annoying.

    Have you heard of Power Grips? They're basically the most non-invasive "toe strap" out there. It's a simple strap that goes diagonally across your pedal and you can wear any shoe with them.

    I used to be a die hard SPD fan until last year when dragging an extra pair of shoes became a drag.


  3. I can relate. Every time I ride my bike, you can play connect the dots with the bruises on my legs. It is as if the bike & I were fighting & the bike won.

  4. Maybe it's not the right bike for you, if your getting these bruises in the normal course of riding. Or is it getting on and off? Or locking it up? Riding crazy? You should keep an eye out for awhile. Maybe you'll see why.

  5. I don't have 15 bruises, but usually also get some without knowing why. I suspect that mine are from getting off the bike carelessly (either hitting the frame or pedals). Usually I get some on my knees. But maybe they are not even from cycling. I get bruises pretty easily..


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