Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Fever Part Deux: The List Edition

I will second Elisa's sentiment - we have had some fabulous weather here!  But, unlike her, I was blessed with good fortune and rode all over the place this week!

Yesterday was particularly amazing because:

a. It was beautiful outside
b. Listening to Stereolab (the perfect music for a wonderful day of riding)
c. Great outfit (not a skirt this time)
d. Iced Mocha (Urban Standard saved my life!)

I was so thrilled about life and was feeling like a complete badass, so I made Alan come over and take a picture of me.

A few items to note from this photo:

a. I am double jointed in my elbows
b. Our roads are being repaved for a marathon
c. I got some sweet new gloves
d. Grr face
e. Alan is one helluva photographer

I am so ready to party this weekend! And then I'm going to need a serious massage.


  1. You know...with the wonderful clearance on your bike between the tires and fork crown and the sidepull brakes, you could easily install a set of SKS fenders. They are great for commuting.

  2. oh my gosh, you look INCREDIBLE! love the outfit, love the grrr face, love the awesome photography job, love how Puggles looks.

    aren't we glad to have friends who take such great photos?

  3. that IS a grrr face

    [is that bike tall enough for you?]


  4. This is a great shot. I like it a lot.

  5. i don't know if the bike is tall enough for me or you???

    and yes! i am so glad to have photographer friends. or really friends in general. i like friends.

  6. I shall respond in list form.

    1. That IS a great outfit!
    2. You make riding that drop bar bike look so cool and easy. I come out all scrunchy when I try.
    3. I am also double jointed!
    4. It just started snowing in Chicago (growl).

    - Dottie


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