Monday, April 6, 2009

Some New Trend

I love to read. I also happen to have some crazy talented friends. Said friends are writing a book, Some New Trend, and posting it online chapter by chapter.

Carrie and I were the masterminds behind 2 previous blog projects (one of which spawned Bike Skirt), Cheap Women and Triathablog, both of which were smashing successes! Kevin is awesomely awesome and also has a super hip blog, Weekly Fizz.

I debated about what to say here about Some New Trend, and I decided that I would just say this:

The book will be good. Both Kevin and Carrie are great writers and have been working really hard. They are also hella cool people who are funny, irreverant, hip, insightful and creative. You should read it. OR you can listen to the podcast (how hip are they?!)

Why post a book on the internet?
As many publishers scramble to find a way to present books (and magazines and newspapers) to readers in a digital format, we wondered—what would it be like to publish a book on the internet?

We like the idea of publishing as we go, getting feedback from readers along the way via comments and emails. Serialized fiction is nothing new—Dickens seemed to like it—but it seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years. We’re bringing it back!
From the website's FAQ

Go now and check it out. You won't regret it.

why are you still here? GO!


  1. omg! i love to read toooooo!!!!!!!!! we were made for each other <3

  2. This was way sweet of you, and I realized I never actually commented. Love!


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